Floods are the #1 Cause of Disasters in the United States!

Most of us would tend to think that hurricanes would be the leading cause of disasters in our country but the statistics show it is from floods. Hurricanes and wind driven rain can certainly have a lot to do with that, of course.

Of late, we have witnessed constant updates about the massive flooding in the Midwest near the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Much of this flooding came from the thawing of heavy snowfalls in the Rockies plus heavy rains.

Even if you do not live near the coast, your property can be flooded if a storm parks over you and rains and rains. With the weather experts predicting about 15 named storms this summer and several to be major hurricanes, having locally heavy rains is very possible.

Remember, damage from flooding is NOT covered on your homeowners policy. To get compensation for flood damage, you must have a separate flood policy! Flood insurance is probably one of the better deals available as it is federally subsidized and the rates can start as low as $129/year depending on which flood zone you’re located in and how much coverage you want/need.

Have you protected your valuable property and possessions from flood damage? Call us to find out what flood zone you’re in and how much the rates would be. Don’t put it off because there is already a 30 day wait before coverage goes into effect. If we wrote you a policy today, it would not go into effect until late July.

An excellent website with more info on flood damage estimates, rates, etc. can be found at Floodsmart.gov or you can get to it by clicking on our website: atozinsurancefl.com and click on the flood icon on the bottom right of the home page.

For more information on how much damage just a few inches of water in your house can cost or how much flood insurance costs, go to the government’s flood website: Flood Smart website.

Or you can go to our website: atozinsurancefl.com and click on the Flood Smart icon.

Scott Love
June 25, 2011

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