How Can I Reduce My Auto Rates?

This month we want to share some ideas on how to reduce our auto rates since they seem to keep going up:

  • IMPROVE CREDIT SCORE- your credit score is a key component of determining your auto rates so if you are able to improve your credit score, you can request the agent/carrier to run your credit and possibly be placed in a much better pricing tier.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DISCOUNTS- Make sure your agent knows about your antitheft features, airbags, that you’re a homeowner, that your child has a 3.0 GPA in school or took drivers ed, that you drive the car for pleasure now instead of commuting.
  • CARRY HIGHER LIMITS-As crazy as this sounds, there are some situations where our conservative A rated carriers will give better rates when you carry higher bodily injury limits because they reward people who load up on coverage and protect themselves adequately.
  • DRIVE BETTER- I’m trying to say this without sounding smartalacky but the reality is the better we drive and avoid tickets and accidents and claims, it does help our rates. It is amazing to see some people who have had major speeding tickets and filed huge claims (whether at fault or not) sound surprised that their rates are so high or going higher. Folks, there is no free lunch! Insurance companies are trying to make money, not lose money.
  • CALL US-we’ll be happy to review your policy in detail and if your rates have gone up substantially, we can shop you among our other A rated carriers.


Scott Love
October 14, 2010

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