Life Is Uncertain – Are You Prepared?

I must confess: I have really struggled to get motivated enough to get this newsletter out. The reason why is we lost a fine young man recently that has shaken me to my core. Most of you probably heard about it on the news. His name is Justin Inversso and he was working as a lifeguard at Adventure Island(Busch Gardens) and he was struck by lightning and killed instantly. He had turned 21 years old the day before! Justin worshipped with me at the Zephyrhills church of Christ and I knew him personally.

Justin’s death at such a young age puts our lives in perspective and helps us realize that life is uncertain and we do not know what the next day holds. We can get sick, injured, or live our last day too. Which leads us to the next question – Are you Prepared? Not only for the next life but to make sure you and your family are Financially Prepared to meet these difficult challenges?

I readily acknowledge that this is not a pleasant subject to deal with but it is a necessary one and as your Trusted Choice Independent Agent I feel obligated to not just insure people’s possessions but to cause us to think, to prepare, and to hopefully share sound information that can ease the pain when these tragedies do come. One of the worst things to find out when you have just lost a loved one is to find out that there is not adequate insurance coverage to cover burial expenses, ongoing expenses for survivors such as mortgage and car payments, credit card debt, daily living expenses, college, retirement, and the list goes on.

If you have had a major life change such as the birth of a child or the purchase of a home, then your financial situation has probably changed dramatically.

Are you prepared for the uncertainties of life? If some form of tragedy struck whether it be sickness, disability, or death or a collapsing Social Security system, are your finances and insurance protections in place to deal with it?

Scott Love
October 19, 2011

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