The Value of an Independent Agent: Why Use One?

Does it make a difference whether you just go online to get a quote and deal with a call center representative or is there a better alternative? Consider the Value of a local, Independent Agent:

  • Represents many insurance companies and can shop you around for the best coverages, options and rates. So whether you are most concerned with having a strong, established company, superior service and claims paying ability, or just the best price, your agent can address those needs. If you’re unhappy with your current rate, your agent can review your policy to either reduce the rate or shop you somewhere else.
  • Consistent relationship. Instead of getting a stranger at a call center, you can reach the same staff members at a independent agency who know your name, some of your prior history, and needs and who cares about your situation.
  • Trusted Advisor. Let’s face it, insurance is a complex subject with its own language and it is nice when someone will take the time to explain different insurance products, coverages and recommend what is best for your protection. It’s not always about finding the lowest premium but about having the coverage you need when the claim happens.
  • Access to other trustworthy network partners. Just as you have learned to trust your independent agent to give good advise, you can also be connected to other trustworthy professionals that your agent has built relationships with over time. Check the Monthly News section below for a list of some of the professionals we can connect you with.

Scott Love
August 19, 2011

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